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Wed 9th Jan 19. Minutes


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An Extract from Secretary's Report

Policing Changes

Wylye & Nadder Valley                                                    Police Station,

Barford St Martin, Baverstock, Berwick St James,                                                         45a Russell Street,

Compton Chamberlayne, Deptford, Dinton, Druids,                                                     Wilton, Salisbury.

Fisherton de la Mere, Great Wishford, Hanging Langford,                          Wiltshire.

Little Langford, South Newton, Stapleford, Steeple Langford,                   SP2 0BG

Stoford, Teffont, Winterbourne Stoke, Wylye.                                            


                                                                                                                                                 25th March 2009



As from the 1st April 2009 Wiltshire Police are restructuring their Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPT’s) within the new Wiltshire unitary authority area.  Many will not change however some are being combined and others divided up amongst existing schemes.  


As a result of the above the Wylye Valley NPT will disappear.  The parishes within the Wylye NPT are to be divided between Amesbury Rural NPT and Wilton Rural NPT (formally called Chalke Valley NPT).  As a result myself and PCSO Will Todd are moving to Amesbury Police Station.   Will, as you can see below, is continuing to work within some of the villages that he currently does.  Myself will be a ‘response’ officer probably covering most of the area around Amesbury extending to Tilshead, Tidworth, Ludgershall and some of the villages in the Wylye Valley.  


Amesbury Rural NPT will now consist of the following parishes:

Tilshead, Orcheston, Shrewton, Wilsford cum Lake, Woodford, Durnford, Porton, Cholderton, Newton Tony, Allington, Idmiston, Winterbourne with the addition of. Winterbourne Stoke, Berwick St James, Stapleford, Wylye, Steeple Langford and Great Wishford.


Wilton Rural NPT will now consist of the following parishes:

Alvediston, Ebbesbourne Wake, Bowerchalke, Broad Chalke, Bishopstone, Stratford Tony, Netherhampton, Quidhampton, Burcombe without, South Newton, Barford St Martin, Dinton, Teffont and Compton Chamberlayne.


The Community Beat Manager for Amesbury Rural NPT is PC Amanda Warren and the Community Support Officers are PCSO Shona Maycock and PCSO Will Todd.  They are based at Amesbury Police Station and can be contacted on 0845 408 7000 x 724518 or 7520047 which is a mail box where messages can be left.  Email  


The Community Beat Manager for Wilton Rural NPT is PC Pete Jung and the Community Support Officer is PCSO Sam Spacey.  They are both based at Wilton Police Station and can be contacted on 0845 408 7000 x 747442 or 7520084 which is a mail box where a message can be left.  Email  


I have already spoken to PC Amanda Warren and PC Pete Jung and will pass your contact details to them.  Their areas of responsibility are now larger so it might take a while for them to get round to everyone.  


I am sure they will be in contact with you in due course with regards to any concerns you have for your villages, Neighbourhood Watch, the Neighbourhood Tasking Group and contributions to Magazines etc.  There are a couple of meetings which Will and I will be at after the 1st April that have already been arranged so might see some of you there.




John Wyeth


John Wyeth

Police Constable 421