South Newton & Stoford, Wiltshire, UK

Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 6th November 19. Minutes


Next Meeting: 

Wed 8th Jan 20 @ 7.30pm  Agenda

Swans W.I.  January meeting report plus 6th February 2020 meeting details 

200 Club - December Winners


Valley Art; details here

St Andrew's Church - and a "Thank You" from the  Parochial Church Council


An Extract from Secretary's Report

Police News & Security Advice

Wiltshire Police

Community Messaging  FREE messages and alerts from your local Community Policing Team about policing and crime matters in your area.

Local Crime Figures by Month - December

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust  If you know of anyone who is over 60 or registered disabled and would like a free home security check from The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust please call 01380 861155. When you are told 'It's too good to be true' I'd normally tell you to ignore it but this charity really is Wiltshire's best kept secret. They'll undertake a full home security check for you and install door locks, window locks, door chains and viewers all free of charge. They also have a Stay Safe Online service offering home visits and group talks to advise and educate the over 60s on all aspects of online safety, call 01380 861191.


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