South Newton & Stoford, Wiltshire, UK

Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 6th November 19. Minutes


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Wed 8th Jan 20 @ 7.30pm  Agenda

Swans W.I.  January meeting report plus 6th February 2020 meeting details 

200 Club - December Winners


Valley Art; details here

St Andrew's Church - and a "Thank You" from the  Parochial Church Council


An Extract from Secretary's Report

Flood Alert - issued Thu 19 Dec 19

A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency.


Flood Alert in force: Groundwater flooding in the Salisbury Plain area.


Flooding is possible for: Boscombe, Cholderton, Collingbourne Ducis, Hanging Langford, Hindon, Hurdcott, Idmiston, Newton Tony, Orcheston, Porton, Salisbury, Shipton Bellinger, Shrewton, Stratford Sub Castle, Tidworth, Tilshead, Tisbury, Wilton, Winterbourne Stoke and Woodford.    


Be prepared.


Groundwater levels have risen in response to recent and prolonged rainfall. This morning’s level at the Terraces Borehole is 115.07 mAOD on the 19/12/19. Levels will continue to rise and flooding of fields and roads is expected. Following prolonged periods of heavy rain, groundwater levels have continued to respond. Levels are high and further rainfall is expected over the next few days and we would expect to see levels rise in response. Residents are advised to prepare property resilience measures and ensure that pumps are working where they have been installed.


We may start to see flooding on roads in these affected areas. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update this message as the situation changes.


What you should consider doing now


  • Monitor local water levels and weather conditions.  

  • Get ready to act on your flood plan if you have one.

  • Move your car or other vehicles to higher ground, if it is safe to do so.

  • Prepare a flood kit of essential items including a torch with spare batteries, mobile phone and charger, warm clothes, home insurance documents, water, food, first aid kit and any prescription medicines or baby care items you may need.

  • Check that you know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water mains supplies.

  • In rural locations, farmers should consider moving livestock and equipment away from areas likely to flood.

  • Avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water. 30 cm of fast-flowing water can move a car and 6 inches can knock an adult off their feet.

  • Flood water is dangerous and may be polluted. Wash your hands thoroughly if you've been in contact with it.