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Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 07 June 17. Draft Minutes are here. 


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Draft Minutes - 07 Jun 17 Meeting


Held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 7th June, 2017 at 7.30 pm


Present:            Cllr D. Blake (Chair), Cllr L. Sherlock, Cllr N. Blake, Cllr. H. Bryans, Cllr M. Pont, Cllr. H. Swanton, Cllr C. Swanton    

Also present:    Mrs C. Webb (Clerk), Mr. R. Botten (Member of the Public)

Apologies:        Cllr K. Norman



1.  Address from member of the public Mr. R. Botten who expressed three concerns relating to the C283.  The first was the state of the broken edges of the C283.  The second was the increase in numbers of heavy vehicles using this road and also there were concerns that this would increase further with the industrial development at Stoford Farm.  The third concern was the possible erosion of work to the entrance and exit of Mount Pleasant recently paid for by residents and who would be responsible for any damage due to the increase in heavy traffic.  Cllr D. Blake confirmed that we had received a positive response from the recent C.A,T,G, meeting relating to Stoford traffic management measures for the C283 which includes assessing the road for H.G.V. usage which is currently being investigated,  slow road markings, refreshing white lines and resurfacing to be carried out.  Potholes have also been filled recently.  A letter was also read out from J. Crawford who also expressed similar concerns relating to increase traffic of heavy vehicles.   It was agreed to update Mr. Botten regularly on the current actions.  Mr. Botten thanked Councillors and then left the meeting.


2.   MINUTES – The Minutes of the last meeting on Wednesday 10th May, 2017 were agreed and signed as correct and an accurate account of the meeting.



       a)  Cllr. D. Blake first welcomed Cllr. C. Swanton who was newly elected as Councillor to South Newton.

       b)  Cllr. D. Blake read out a letter from Cllr, R. Henstridge who sadly has tendered his resignation as Councillor of South Newton due to

       work commitments which will mean relocation for himself and his family. Cllr. Henstridge has been a long-standing member of South

       Newton and has always worked hard for the parishioners.  The Councillors also passed on their thanks for all his hard work and

       commitment.  A notice will be published to advertise for a new Councillor.



        a)    Stiles at The Folly, South Newton and Mount Pleasant, Stoford -  Cllr. D. Blake confirmed in hand.

        b)    Re-painting of 30 M.P.H. sign Stoford. – C.A.T.G. report confirmed work to be completed shortly.

        c)    Parking Issues on hammerhead at Vale View Road and St. Andrews Road – Cllrs. N. Blake reported that this continues to cause


        d)    Drain adjacent to traffic lights, South Newton – Cllr. C. Swanton to discuss with Highways who are currently working at Chillhampton.

        e)    Wessex Drainage – Cllr. N. Blake confirmed rubbish continues to be removed.

        f)    Replacement board for noticeboard, Stoford – Cllr. D. Blake confirmed in hand.

        g)    Parking lines Oak Close and Jubilee Close, South Newton – Clerk confirmed to be reported to Street scene.

        h)    Bus shelter missing glass – Cllr. M. Pont to ring First Direct to ask who is responsible for repairs.

         i)    Parking of caravans at South Newton Council Car Park – Cllr N Blake to continue investigation.

         j)    Hedge at Newlands, South Newton – Now cut.

         k)   Hedge behind bus shelter – Clerk to report to Wilton Estate.

         l)    Football Pitch and Basketball Net for Vale View Road Play Area – Clerk has obtained on quotation of £600 and will seek out two more

        quotes.  Cllr. D. Blake confirmed £6,000 is required to complete Football Area and will check into grants.  The play area grass will be cut

        within the next few days.



       a)     Wiltshire Councillors Report: - Cllr. Pauline Church was not in attendance and therefore no report was submitted.

       b)     Area Board Meeting – Wednesday 26 July, 6.30pm at The Nadder Centre, Tisbury,



        a.  Accidents –  None

        b. i) Declaration of interest – None                    

            ii) Planning applications –  None

        c. Rights of Way – None

        d. Environmental/Amenities – None

        e. Website - April 2017 – 5,454 visitors.  The monthly Police Report will now be published on the website.    

        f. A36/C283 –  Awaiting report from C.A.T,G. outcomes relating to weight restriction request on C283.

        g. Parish Steward – Clerk to request the cutting of the pathway into Vale View Road Play Area, strimming and weeding of entrance and car

        park of Ashley Close, cutting of hedge at the end of Vale View Road adjacent to Vale View Road, the willow tree trimmed back on Wishford



7.   FINANCE  

      a) Payment to Clerk passed.  

      b) Full Authority Audit passed.

      c) Accounting Statement 2016-17 passed.  

      d) Precept to South Newton & Great Wishford Village Hall – approved.  

      e) Donations approved:

              Good Companions - £50,

              St. Andrews Church, South Newton - £200,

              Wilton Thursday Club – £25



       a. Community Governance Review – Cllr. D. Blake read out a letter sent to Mr. J. Whatling – Planning Dept, Wiltshire County Council

       asking for clarification of latest position, awaiting reply.

       b. Monthly Police Report – Cllr. D. Blake reported that two vans had been broken into and power tools taken at South Newton.  This

       monthly report can now be viewed on our website each month.

       c. A request had been received from a R. Hager relating to the location of the grave of Mary Ann Down 1910 and Thomas Down 1916.  Cllr.

       N. Blake will look into.

       d. Community Speed Indicator – Clerk to look into new scheme.



  • 200 Club continues to do well.  

  • The Tuesday night Bingo has a good attendance.

  • The six a side football tournament is Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June.  

  • The Fete and Dog Show is 8th July 12 noon to 3 p.m. and the Village Hall always welcomes helpers, donations and raffle prizes.

Details of all events are on the website -




  • Cllr M. Pont – Flooding issues onto the A36 at the bus layby on the Warminster side at Stoford, Clerk will report to Highways.


  • Cllr C. Swanton – Raised concerns from farmers over proposed weight restrictions on C283, will this allow access to farms?  Wilton Estate raised concerns over gated access of tenants to fields at the back of Vale View Road, South Newton.  


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.20 p.m.


NEXT MEETING will be Wednesday 5th July, 2017 at 7.30pm, South Newton and Wishford Village Hall