South Newton & Stoford, Wiltshire, UK

Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 21st July 2021.

Draft Minutes


Next Meeting: Thu 2 Sep 21:  Agenda 

Swans W.I.  September 2021 meeting report; date of next meeting 7 Oct 21

200 Club - July Winners


Valley Art; details 

Bus Services - your chance to have your say and make a difference.

Please find below a document which provides an update on the Government’s national bus strategy and the work underway in Wiltshire to improve local bus services.


You have the opportunity to complete a survey and the link is below.  Your views will form part of the consultation for the Bus Service Improvement Plan which will be produced later this autumn. The survey runs until 23rd August 2021 and will give the Council an even better understanding of how bus services are used and how usage has been affected by the pandemic.


The survey shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to complete and they are keen to hear from non-bus users, as well as those who currently use them, as this will provide a much more wide-ranging picture of the current situation and people’s circumstances.


The survey can be found at:


By participating in the survey, you have the chance to improve bus services and get your voice heard. Please let your neighbours and friends know in case they do not use our website.  Thank you.


See the full document